Stress-Related Problems Negatively Impacting Your Company?

Stress-Related Problems Negatively Impacting Your Company?

Want to Give Your Sales Team a Competitive Edge?

Would you like your employees to have a stress management and confidence coach available 24 hours/7 days a week to help increase productivity, improve sales confidence, improve morale, lower stress-related injury, burnout and turnover, and concurrently provide a tool to your sales team to enable them to stay focused and remain confident throughout their day, no matter how many rejections are received?

Currently used by Time Warner and Liquidnet Holdings Corporation, this cutting edge immersion technology, Relaxation On-Demand™ and Confidence On-Demand™ will provide your employees with an always-on solution.

Relaxation On-Demand™ was created as a convenient way for employees to relieve his or her stress anytime they were in need in order to combat burnout.

There is a great deal of research proving the deleterious effects of stress on performance. Here are a few highlights:

Under conditions of stress:

  • Task completion time is increased and accuracy reduced by stress.
  • Individuals lose their ability to analyze complicated situations and manipulate information.
  • Individuals suffer from performance rigidity or narrow thinking.
  • Communication effectiveness is reduced.
  • Stress can also lead to “groupthink,” in which members of the group ignore important cues, force all members to adhere to a consensus decision — even an incorrect one — and rationalize poor decisions.
  • Extended exposure to stress has severe negative consequences on non-task performance dimensions. For example, high levels of stress can lead to emotional exhaustion, lower organizational commitment, and increased turnover intentions.
  • Stress affects an individual’s decisionmaking process and ability to make effective judgments. Decision making models proposed by support this hypothesis and suggest that under stress, individuals may make decisions based on incomplete information.
  • Friedman and Mann suggest that when under conditions of stress, individuals fail to consider the full range of alternatives available, ignore long-term consequences, and make decisions based on oversimplifying assumptions.
  • Stress can also contribute to performance decrements by slowing cognition and individual information processing. For example, find that the time to complete a given task doubled with the introduction of an external stressor.

For information on licensing our site for your employees and accessing the On-Demand products for help with stress management using Relaxation On-Demand™ and giving your company an edge with your sales teams and Confidence On-Demand™, please contact us at 718-520-1794 or email us at

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